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With Adrian away this week and many more of us off looking at Victorian dildoes next week, I've decided to place Mortal Coil on hiatus for a bit. We're getting very close to the point at which everything becomes clear and I want all the PCs to be there to see who can still walk away when the smoke clears.

So instead I posted the long list of games I bought at Gen Con and others that I've not yet run and indicated that the players choose what they fancy.

We seem to have come down to a short list of three, but I can only remember two of them:
Drowning and Falling
The blurb doesn't do it justice. It is a funny fantasy game but it's about avoiding drowning (in water, in blood, in sorrow, not waving) or falling (down holes, from grace, for each other, on one's sword). I haven't played this yet so I can't do it as much justice as the next game so here is some more on what the game is about.

1001 Nights
This is a simply gorgeous storytelling game. The PCs are all members of the Sultan's court. Each has an axe to grind but the mores prevent direct social interaction. Instead the PCs tell stories in which they cast each other as characters. The aim of these stories is to resolve your issues through metaphor and not too hidden meaning. This in turn has an impact on your PC's status at court.

Yes it's a game in which you play characters who play other characters. Is this confusing? Well, no, not the way Meg runs in it any case. And the rules give plenty of examples and support to play it yourself and there's a description of play here.

I've remembered the other one now.
Nine Worlds
Modern-day fantasy meets Greek myth in this unique role-playing game. Nine Worlds is ideal for players looking to create powerful and exciting drama. This game provides all players the tools to cooperatively narrate and create incredible stories set in a universe full of magic, myth, tragedy, and redemption.

I've not played this either but it gets mad props everywhere.

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