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Sex in Victorian England

Last night we went to Treadwells to see Peter Freeman's talk, "Sex in Victorian England – Up Close and Personal. A Talk with Props."

The Blurb
You’ve heard the rumours about the Victorians and sex… now hear the truths. Did they really cover the legs of pianos? Were there really that many child prostitutes? Is it true that a ‘real woman’ was thought to be non-sexual, and if so, why all those dildoes? And what about all those corsets, pantaloons and underclothes? Come find out these things and more, including more rampant and unusual tastes of the Victorians: their cross-dressing, the popular fetishes, homosexuality, the cult of ‘innocence’, and of course the the dressing (and undressing).

Peter Freeman has made a lifelong study of the intimate details of sex in Victorian England, and can place these facts in their wider social context. His talk will be lively, specific, graphic and illustrated – Peter will bringing along real objects of (ahem) pleasure from his vast collection. Peter Freeman is a Hertfordshire-based writer and an aficionado of Victorian erotica

You may have heard of Peter as the man who did all the flavour text for The Dying Earth roleplaying game, or you may know of him through his pseudonyms Aishling Moran and Penny Birch under which he writes erotic fiction. His latest is "The Old Perversity Shop", a pastiche of Dickens.

It was an entertaining evening, well attended by the roleplaying crowd. Peter took us through the many changes in Victorian attitudes as dictated by class and underwear. He also had one of the crowd model some period underwear for us, or perhaps for him. A well-recommended talk by an entertaining speaker, it may be repeated in the spring.

I think treadwells is soon going to need a bigger room if the talks are all so succesful.

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