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Mortal Smackdown

Some more cross-posted Mortal Coil goodness:

So in last night's game, the continuation of Twisted Fifties, the PCs arrive mob-handed at the asylum to confront Dr Scolari, the twisted woman hater who seems to be at the root of all their problems.

Scolari is in his office but this doesn't deter Gandolfini, the hulking mobster who bursts right in, with the PI and the hooker on his coat tails.

Scolari sics his goons on Gandolfini who defines the magical fact that his gun allows him to summon up the spirit of anyone he's ever killed with it and command them (the price: they get to make Gandolfini an offer he can't refuse). That keeps the goons occupied whilst he goes for the Doc.

Scolari pulls out a syringe from his drawer and I give him the fact that he never misses with it. The players hit back with the price that this causes several minutes of physical ecstacy in the good Doc who can take no physical actions when thus enraptured.

So mechanically, the Doc only needs spend one token to hit Gandolfini and spends the rest dodging the hood's bullet, which nicks him anyway. Scolari collapses wounded and enchanted by not only sticking it in someone but also by the blood loss. The hooker's attempts to strangle him just push him all the way to erotic asphixiationy bliss.

But Gandolfini is medicined good and sees a magic bear arrive with a special cloak of escape for him. Gandolfini accepts the cloak and is taken, straight-jacketed down to the cells.

The PI and the hooker escape through a window they break.

Meanwhile, the lawyer defines a magical mirror that allows him to interrogate the shades of those wherever he is. It's made of bronze and is probably Greek. When he looks into it he can see, over his shoulder, the assembled throng of those who died there, stretching back ever more faintly in time. He takes this to the warehouse and talks to the spirit of the firebug who Scolari sent, with a box of matches, to steal the package that everyone is after (the item does have a price but I can't remember what it is - I guess it should probably be something like a curse as "No good will come of this" is one of our magical facts).

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