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Squamous, and possibly non-euclidean too

Here, for HPL fans, is the list of questions asked on Mastermind on Monday. I got 7 out of 16, including two that the contender got wrong. Answers are in comments.

1.What is the name given to the mythology or mythos which is the background to many of HP Lovecraft’s stories, including The Dunwich Horror and The Thing on the Doorstep?

2. In his last year at school, Charles Dexter Ward had become occupied with finding the grave of which of his ancestors?

3. Which story first appeared in Weird Tales in May 1924, and was ghost written by Lovecraft for the escapologist Harry Houdini?

4. What is the name of the wizard on the planet Yaddith who realises that Randolph Carter is another facet of himself?

5. The Haunter of the Dark is dedicated to which writer?

6. In a postscript to his letter to Dr. Willett in ’28, Charles Dexter Ward urges him to shoot Dr. Allen on sight and do what to his body?

7. What phrase does Joel Manton use to describe the horror that attacked him and Carter in a story of the same title?

8. Referred to in many of the stories, which unmentionable and monstrous book, of which there is a forbidden Latin translation by Olaus Wormius, was written by the Arab Abdul Alhazred?

9. What name do the locals give to the site of Gardner’s farm after it’s destruction by the Colour out of Space?

10. Which ancient New England town, where many of the stories are set, is the home of the Miskatonic University?

11. What’s the name of the old German musician who plays strange music on his viol in the Rue D’Auseil?

12. In The Nameless City, the narrator repeatedly chants the phrase “the unreverberate blackness of the abyss”, which was taken from a tale by which English writer who greatly influenced Lovecraft?

13. What name is given in the Necronomicon to the normally shapeless, viscous masses created as slaves by the Old Ones?

14. What had been done to nearly all the bodies in Christchurch Cemetery which made them useless for Herbert West’s experiments in reanimation?

15. What name do the people of Arkham give to the furry, sharp-toothed nuzzling creature that serves as Keziah Mason’s familiar?

16. In The Dunwich Horror, old Whateley exclaims “they're gittin' ready to ketch my soul”, as large numbers of which birds gather around his house?

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