gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

New Icon

Ozzy made a photo for me which I've turned into an the attached icon. I guess that makes me the dice man.

From now on, all my decisions will be resolved using the best dice, the d12, and this table:

1- No! What were you thinking.
2- Yes! You sly dog, you.
3- Only a kiss will do.
4- That's it, time to become a hermit in Micronesia.
5- Just keep walking.
6- Jesus would turn the other cheek. He was such a wuss. Time to go postal, methinks.
7- Write this up in your livejournal and hold out for a six figure book deal.
8- Pretend that you're French and they might go away.
9- Roll a d30 and consult the Wandering Monster subtable.
10- Time for a brew. Tea anyone?
11- If you can't say anything nice, just set your dog on them.
12- Do an impersonation of Russ Limbaugh doing the hippy hippy shake. That's bound to impress.

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