gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Trick or Treaties

Two groups so far. The first was a couple of little goth girls who knocked and then shreiked when I answered in my mask (see icon). Their mum was at the end of the drive and she laughed. They were nice and hoped that I scared more kids.

The second group was about ten or so kids. Much rowdier, running up and down screaming. I peaked out behind the curtains in my mask and they noticed and got even more skittish. So I opened the door and gave them sweets. They were quite nice too, asked if I was very hot in my mask, but there were so many of them that our plants got a bit trampled. They had an older kid sort of in charge but not to any great effect. They have just come back too. I guess not many houses in our street have kids so there probably wasn't much on offer.

And whilst I was at home, Paula was at the Academy catching the fancy dress only Scissor Sisters show.

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