gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Esoterrorists are here and are watching you, now.

Esoterrorists, the new game from Pelgrane Press written by Robin Laws will be on sale at Dragonmeet on Saturday. This game uses the new GUMSHOE system. I've got a copy and it looks pretty damn nifty. Jerome Hugenin has done a smashing job with the art and layout and they've gone for the original cover art with the guy coming down the cellar steps and the title at the bottom. There will be peelable stickers to put on the cover for retailers who only display the top third of books.

I'll be running some short demos of the game from 11-12 and again from 3-5 if anyone wants to drop by and give it a go. These will be in 30 minute slots.

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