gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Stig goes down

I've never seen quite such a totally successful political move in a LARP. Stig Marters, president of FIGA (Fédération International of Gaming Associations) was so totally owned by Melissa Dracul that it was hard not to feel sorry for him. One minute he was president, the next he couldn't even get a second to back up his candidacy. Wham, bam, merci madame.

Gamers' Wives 2 seemed to go pretty well from my point of view. I always think it's good, as a ref, if I'm not even aware of half the plots that took place during the game. And even better, Paula hardly felt nervous before or after. The players were well turned out, Sheila, Laura and ravenrigan in particular as the wives, but also Jon as Bruce "Let me get that alligator for you" Potter and of course Hans "On" Mueller who dragged up beautifully for the finalé performance of "If you wanna be a gamer".

I managed to run four half hour demo sessions of Esoterrorists. 30 minutes seemed just about enought to cram in just about every kind of roll you might like to make in a game and still have a bit of plot. It was fairly rushed but seemed to go quite well. And the game sold out too.

I had just about enough time left to have a short try out of Matt Machell's Covenant. I got this a Gen Con US but hadn't had a chance to give it a go. It's about failing conspiracies and seems, from my short introduction, to deliver a good framework for strong scenes. We'll probably give it a proper go sometime.

Caught up with all the usual suspects too.

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