gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Cold Count - 1

Starting the New Year as I did much of last year. Much as some people laudably keep a count of everything they've read, something I tried to do but failed - I read too much, I'm going to keep a count of colds, or weeks spent with a cold.

I've also read The Casebook of Forensic Detection: How Science Solved 100 of the World's Most Baffling Crimes and I'll have finished London Revenant by tonight. The former is an interesting if slightly biased and shallow account of the use of forensic science. I read this to inform the Esoterrorist game I'm writing. It's at about the right level of depth for that game. I should probably do a check list of everything that might be used by forensics to imply involvement in a crime.

The latter is about someone with narcolepsy in a series of dead end jobs who seems tangentially involved in weird shit happening on the Tube. Nothing earth shattering but has a nice sense of place and is suitably grimy. Which reminds me that I also read Christopher Kenworthy's Will You Hold Me?, another gritty tome, this time of short stories that are weirdly detached from the bizarrish events they portray. If you like M. John Harrison, as I do, you'll probably enjoy both of these.

And talking of MJH, I've got the sequel to Light, Nova Swing but haven't started it yet.

I finshed off last year with Zanoni by Lord "Dark and Stormy Night" Lytton - an allegorical romance of esotericism. It was pretty fun stuff so I think I'll try, on balbinus's recommendation, La-Bas by Huysmann, to get the French perspective.

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