gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

How do you like to play tabletop Cthulhu?

I ran a poll on, the premier Call of Cthulhu website, about how people like to play Call of Cthulhu. These are the results:
4% (0% - 12%) Almost like a LARP, we run around and scream a lot - hardly any dice rolls.
41% (27% - 53%) We talk about our PCs in character but we do roll the dice too.
48% (33% - 60%) We talk about our characters in a mix of first and third person and roll dice quite often.
7% (2% - 17%) We only talk about characters in third person but we hardly ever roll dice. It's like a story.
0% (0% - 5%) Our characters are pretty much playing pieces. We roll dice and then the GM describes what happens to them.
Total Votes : 56

That's the percentage followed by the confidence interval (using the hypergeometric distribution don't you know).

What it shows is that around 89% (78%-96%) of Call of Cthulhu players prefer to play the game in one of the two traditional modes. However, at conventions, in my recent experience, it's about 50% LARP style (particularly in the US although more and ore in the UK too) and 50% first person experience.

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