gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

What is most important to you in Call of Cthulhu

So I did another poll about what is attractive to players of the game. Once again I asked people to shoe-horn their responses into one category. Here are the results:

What is most important to you in a game of Call of Cthulhu?
17% (8%-31%) The player character
41% (27%-57%) The mystery
30% (18%-46%) The fear
4% (1%-15%) The action
0% (0%-6%) The climax of the game
6% (1%-18%) How it relates to the Mythos
Total Votes : 46

In the thread, some indicated that they read "fear" to cover the general atmosphere of the game, which is fair enough. I had asked for interpretations to be rather loose. I was surprised that anyone put the relation of the game to the Mythos as their answer. I would have bet on more people being interested in an exciting climax to the game than that.

So it seems that most players are interested in plot, atmosphere - or how the plot is delivered - comes second, and player characters, or the medium through which players interact with the plot comes third. Of course it is possible to have atmosphere and good player characters without plot as such but I'm giving plot the larger interpretation of what happens in the game rather than what was planned to happen in the game.

Action is very low. Players are more interested in the build up than any climactic or racy scenes. All in all this sounds much more like MR James than HPL who never seemed to shy away much from action or climax.

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