gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Cold Count - 2

I had a flu jab at the weekend so should avoid any of the nastier infections but I've still got a cold. I coughed so much I injured my back and have been on Diclofenac since Monday to reduce the inflammation. That seems to have got better now.

This week I have read World War Z and the Shadow of Poe. The former was a Christmas present from Paula and tells, through retrospective interviews with the survivors, the story of the zombie menace that threatened the world. It's pretty entertaining stuff with voices sufficiently different to keep the interest going, although perhaps something more about non-conformity to the Z problem might have been good too.

The latter I read because I left the former at home and had six hours of train journeys yesterday, to and from Sheffield. It tells the story of a Baltimore lawyer and Edgar A. Poe fanatic who tries to solve the mystery of Poe's death. As such it's a novelisation of real events, some apparently discovered by the author. It's well written and has two very interesting characters central to the plot, namely a couple of Frenchmen vying for identification with the inspiration for Dupin, the detective from Murders in the Rue Morgue.

I recommend either of these books as good train journey material.

I'm now reading Nova Swing, M John Harrison's sequel to Light and some volume of nasty short stories whose title and author I forget. Plus I've had a new Lulu delivery.

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