gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Windy isn't it?

I spent 10 hours getting to and from Birmingham yesterday, including having stand all the way back. This meant, including waiting for trains and changing stations, being on my feet from 3 until 7:30, most of it standing still and being squashed so tight I couldn't get my phone out to talk to Paula when she rang.

On the other hand it did give me time to read Frei's thriller Berlin. A bit of a strange beast this. It's about a serial killer in post-war Berlin and around 400 pages long. Much of this is taken up with extended biographies of each of the victims. Whilst this is quite interesting, it does take away from the suspense. I think the book would have been less than 200 pages without these and much more taut.

There's also a fairly pointless side story about a teenager saving up to buy a suit. This seems to be an unconnected short story. But it passed the time of day which was very important yesterday although I did have to fall back on Sudoku for the last hour.

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