gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

More than one word meme

Right. All that one word stuff is a bit dull so how about a nice story.

I'll write the first part. Comment with a continuation of the story and copy this comment to your journal, with a link to the entry so the story can be read on from there. Use an lj-cut to show which entry number you have for that story.

So any comment under this entry represents a different continuation of the story from my entry, not subsequent parts of the same story.

It was raining in the City. A cold hard rain, but not enough to wash the scum from the streets. Fortunately for me, I could still afford an office and something to keep me warm, and even a glass to drink it in. Stuck up here on the 6th floor it was pretty peaceful. Someone had been in to water the flowers that morning but I hadn't seen anyone else since. And I was hoping to keep it that way until Spring. That's when ...

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