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Où sont les neiges d'antan?

Seems that New Mexico isn't the only place to get a dusting, we've got at least 1cm at home. And even though this meant taking an hour on the bus into work because the trains weren't running, I still love snow. Snow, we say, "More please!"

We went to Treadwells last night to see a talk called "Dangerous Books, Hidden Knowledge and Demons in Vellum". We weren't told where to find the Culte des Goules but instead it was a review, by Cécile Dubois - a very French goth, of the access to and availability of occult books in London libraries. It could have been rather dry and dull but Cécile's enthusiasm for the subject was very infectious and made for a fun evening.

Paula came away with a list of the best libraries if anyone is interested and I could see that simonjrogers was planning an Esoterrorist supplement. Maybe he should ask morbidfrog to write it.

The evening was sold out but a repeat performance will be held on Monday 12th, it's well worth it.


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Jan. 24th, 2007 01:46 pm (UTC)
It seems that 90% of library use is just getting past the librarian to look at the bad books. "I'm a black magi
Jan. 24th, 2007 02:30 pm (UTC)
Yes, the excuses that morbidfrog was given by the London Library were quite instructive in this regard.

For those who were abed on St Marianne's Day, LL is the largest subscriber libaray in the world with around 2 million volumes. It's just behind Piccadilly somewhere. Gerald Yorke bequeathed the LL his collection of esoteric manuscripts, much of it Crowley, OTO and Golden Dawn related - so a rich vein for any student of hermeticism.

You have to pay £210 p.a. to belong to the LL but you should be able to borrow any volume once you are. However books in the Yorke collection probably need special permission and a visit to see a librarian. morbidfrog is not a member but was visiting for the day to add to her thesis in librariness. She was given a variety of excuses on that and other occasions that may have included (this is from memory):
- you need special permission;
- there are special conditions attached to the bequest;
- and my favourite, they are kept in a safe and the man with the key only comes here once a year;

Battersea Library also has some occult books. Apparently each London public library was asked to create a collection of particular subjects. Battersea was given Architecture and Occult. Given the high preponderence of various Christian sects within South London public servants, it's no surprise that morbidfrog didn't get to see it.

I suppose if you give some credence to the occult then there are good reasons for not making it easy to get at this forbidden knowledge (sometimes classified under Dewey as 000: Miscellaneous or Contentious Knowledge). It's far more dangerous than books on nuclear science or chemistry. Although I guess if one were to make an estimation of kill count per Dewey category the 200s, Religion, or 330, Economics, might rate more highly.

Has anyone ever been killed by any cyptozooid, death curse or UFO?
Jan. 24th, 2007 02:05 pm (UTC)
Sounds interesting.
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