gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Going nowhere

I sat on a train to Leeds for over an hour this morning but we didn't get out of Kings Cross so I'm back in the office instead of attending the Programme Protection Steering Group meeting which overseas, from the analysts viewpoint, progress on FRAIMS (Fraud Referral and Investigation Management System). This is a new IT system which will manage fraud referrals, publish MI and dump data to a warehouse for analytical use. We're involved, as analysts, because we're not sure to what extent FRAIMS will manage to do any of these things correctly. But I couldn't possibly comment on progress or cost, you can read Hansard or use FOI if you want to know more.

On the other hand, I did get to read half of Louis Theroux's Call of the Weird which is as entertaining as his TV programmes. Did anyone see his piece on gambling over the weekend? Those people were seriously messed up and I guess that's what awaits Manchester when it gets its supercasino.

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