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Recht und Links

This is a game I've been thinking about for a while. It's set in Berlin in 1918/19. This is when the Marxist Spartacists lead by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht fought for control with the right wing Freikorps, paramilitary organisations set up by soldiers returning from the war who felt stabbed in the back (Dolchstosslegende).

The German government withdrew to Weimar and the battle raged backwards and forwards between the Soldiers and the Workers, although with suprisingly less impact that might have been expected on daily life.

Players play characters caught up in this political maelstrom. At the start of the game they are not clearly associated with either side but as the game goes on are forced to choose one way or the other.

Play takes place over a series of days, each of which can contain several scenes.

The overriding mechanic is one that determines which side has the upperhand each day. I haven't worked out the terminology yet but at the moment this is represented by a pendulum that gathers momentum.

On day 1 the pendulum starts at 0, on day 2 it swings to +1 representing a bonus to the right, on day 3 it swings to -2 representing a bonus to the left, on day 4 it swings to +3 etc. The actions of characters can influence the pendulum dampening or increasing it's swing.

Once the pendulum reaches +/- 10 the revolution ends and one side has won.

PCs are defined with interests on both sides of the divide so have to make difficult choices about which side to choose.
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