gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Sometimes only a punch on the nose will do.

Far too early on Saturday morning chilledchimp and I trolled out to Hammersmith for the WB Yeats literary walk. This started off at 36 Blythe Road, a friendly greasy spoon in which we had a good breakfast, bacon and egg in a roll for me and a doorstep sausage sarnie for CC. Our guide for the walk was the charismatic Niall, an Irish poet and speed walker - we ended up in long trails trying to follow where Niall had gone as he took no account of different walking speeds. But it was his first guided walk so we, who walk quite fast anyway, forgave him, as did the unfortunate OAP who fell and cut her face whilst racing round.

Niall was obviously a big fan of Yeats, had done his homework so that the anecdotes were varied and interesting, and didn't shirk from the magic side of Yeats' life. It seemed that only CC and I had approached this from the esoteric side everyone else seemed to be, if not Irish, then an attendee at Hammersmith's Irish Literary Festival.

36 Blythe Rd was of course the scene of the famous Battle between Yeats and Crowley. The latter had been despatched by the near mad Mathers McGregor after a split in the Golden Dawn to retrieve the artifacts of the Isis-Urania temple at said address. Crowley had full Highland dress, a staff, a mask of Isis and dire imprecations in Latin. Yeats had only dire imprecations and a pugilist friend. Although the air may well have crackled as the two adepts faced each other over the doorstep, it was pugilism that won the day.

Later on Niall recounted how he had visited the cafe with some friends to mark the passing of the Age of Horus which Crowley had declared started on April 8th 1904 and Parsons had enacted with the Babalon Working. Crowley had said it may only last 100 years so it seemed to Niall like a good reason to celebrate.

Niall was there early and waited for his friends. At 3pm exactly, a gust of wind blew the door shut with such force that tools had to be fetched and the hinges removed! Was that the last breath of Horus, or the Great Beast having a laugh? Possibly at the expense of Frater Achad who declared Horus over in his declaration of the Aeon of Ma'at on his 62nd birthday, April 2 1948.

I've got a meeting this afternoon with someone who has the improbable last name Zaluski-Zaluczkowski. He sounds like he should be an adept too, or at least in a band.

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