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What rough beast

The game of intrigue in magical societies.

All the PCs are male and broke. They all belong to the same magical society of which they want to become the leader. The leader, at the start of the game, is an ineffectual NPC. He should be given a name and be seen muttering to himself in corners.

They PCs attempt to recruit other members into the society to boost their personal standing so they can take over or cause a schism. PCs can recruit two kinds of members a)other men who will support their rituals, or b)women who will bankroll the society.

PCs can use magic on each other, the effectiveness of which is decided on by the player whose character is the object of the magic. One should not naysay magic(k) out of hand but at least provide some coincidental effect with bonus depending on the impresiveness of the ritual. Magic does not work on NPCs.

Play proceeds in turns. Each turn a mage may attempt to recruit, cast a spell, change the allegiance of NPC members (1 man plus the number of women he has recuited per turn).

When a magician thinks he has enough supporters he may attempt to wrest control of the society. Only the men vote. A strict majority is needed to win with NPCs voting for their recruiter unless they have been otherwise persuaded. A lesser majority allows the PC to create a splinter group if he so wishes. If this happens, any smaller group may also break-off. The leader does not vote except in the case of a tie, in which case he votes for the side with the most women.

There will be one final confrontation as the groups attempt to wrest control of the regalia from the parent group. Wresting control of the regalia takes several rounds, the loser of each round discards one of their male supporters, lost to the fight

If ever there are more women than there are in any faction then the women take over that faction, kicking out all the PCs who then go to Brighton to die.

PCs have two stats which sum to 6, Charisma and Power.
NPC men have two stats which sum to 6, Boxing and Following.
NPC women have two stats which sum to 7, Money and Sense.
These stats are chosen by the player, at the start for their PC and as appropriate for NPCs.

To recruit a man use Charisma v Following, for a woman Power v Money using the My Life with Master rules (1d4 per point, plus bonus dice for sincerity, desperation or intimacy)
To change allegiance of an NPC use Power v Following for Men and Charisma v Sense for women.
Spellcasting uses Power plus total of Following and Money and is opposed with Charisma plus total of Boxing plus Sense.
In the Regalia Battle, a mage can either use Power v Power or Boxing v Boxing on the opposing factions.

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