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I'm reading Night Voices, Night Journeys, the first in a Japanese mythos collection called Lairs of the Hidden Gods. It's a strange beast. I'm not sure whether it's that the translation was rather literal or that Japanese idiom is so different but the first story in particular definitely read as if it were translated by google. Well, it was slighly better than that but given that it was Pulp Cthulhu set in Chicago with a young Elliot Ness, I expected something more American in feel.

That story, The Plague of St James Infirmary, was actually rather dull, going for the duelling magician style Mythos story that is only really borrowing the names rather than the tropes. But it's getting better. The one I've just finished, the titular story, has a very original take on a central Mythos theme.

There's a review on Amazon which gives slightly too much away

And the next story is called Necrophallus.

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