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Bringing a soap into disrepute

An actor in Eastenders who beat up his girlfriend has apologised to the BBC and to viewers of the soap for bringing it into disrepute. Has he never watched the soap? This kind of thing happens all the time, and worse. Maybe he should be given a raise for bringing a touch of realism to the storylines.

Or perhaps, appearing in a programme with such high levels of violence, murder and alcoholism has affected his behaviour and he should sue them for mental cruelty. Never mind the effect it has on children, think of the poor actors who have to pretend to be wife-beating bullies for 2 hours a week. Oh, the humanity!

Apparently he did apologise to his girlfriend too.


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Mar. 29th, 2007 07:21 am (UTC)
I sometimes wonder if anyone's done research into the psychological effects of the deluge of soaps, of which Eastenders is surely not the least troubling; particularly among young people.

The engine of soap opera is character confronted by problem; character makes worst possible choice for dealing with problem, without the involvement of good sense, integrity, etc; problem gets worse; repeat. A steady diet of that is not exactly going to help make a good society. Contrast the story exposure of other times, much of which was built around promoting virtues like courage, honour, mindless violence...

"Madness?! This... is... Sherwood!"
(And I haven't even seen it yet.)
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