gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

RPGpundit tracked down.

Your and my favourite Canadian-Uruguyan is not, as many might think, an invective spewing spambot but, as a brave but fjord-pinning Norwegian claims, a real person. RPGpundit, with that kind of sustained anger, must be a libertarian. Why else would he move to Uruguay from somewhere so nice as Canada?

Gilbert Kraag's very funny interview is here on Read it.

Imagonem is partly written in English and partly in foreign (so foreign, in fact, that google doesn't offer a translation). For a taster of foreign I suggest you try Zombieporno: En strategiguide as an introduction. Although probably not at work.

Now, in my mind's eye, RPGpundit is some kind of Fitzcarraldo pushing the lumbering hulk of the Cult of Ron as far into the jungle as it will go. If he doesn't wear a linen suit I shall be most disappointed. And the Forge as a magnificiently constructed opera house that falls apart as it comes into contact with reality of the roleplaying jungle seems aposite to me.

There's also an interview with Ron on the site. Although RPGpundit is a seething bundle of hatred, he somehow seems no more sane than Ron "I have no opinion about 'outside perceptions' of the Forge and can't even imagine having such an opinion." Edwards. And he's much funnier.

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