gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

No change!

The Open University has followed MIT's lead and put a lot of learning material online: . There's not a ton of stuff there at the moment but the society section will be particularly interesting for anyone wanting to be a school governer.

In other news, we went last night to see Gormenghast at the BAC and it was everything morbdifrog promised. The sense of decay was tangible (literally if you sat in the front row) and the very physical nature of the piece really brought the characters to life. The guy playing Flay, with his creeky knees and strange gait was magnificent. Doing two books in two and half hours was a stretch but by focussing on set pieces they captured the essence of the book.

It's on tour to the provinces now:
Northernstage, Newcastle, 18th to 21st April
Capitol, Horsham, 24th to 25th April
Playhouse, Liverpool, 8th to 12th May

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