gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Culture Vultures

So far since Christmas we've partaken of many art forms:

The first, architecture
Sagrada Familia and other Gaudi structures in Barcelona

The second, sculpture
None in particular but there's no end to the municipal sculpture on view round these parts, including some Lutyens Lions. We did see a Mobius Strip in Islington on Saturday.

The third, painting
Gilbert & George at the Tate
A slap in the face! Vorticism at the Estorick

The fourth, dance
The Rocky Horror Show has at least one

The fifth, music
We're going to see the Wildhearts in two weeks time

The sixth, poetry
We went on a Yeats literary walk which included a few recitations. This probably should also include theatre but that's also got its own category

The seventh, cinema
We've managed not to go to the cinema. However, the London SF film festival is coming next month so I hope to remedy my neglect.

The eight, theatre (also TV or photography)
We've been to the theatre five times:
Young Dick Barton
Rocky Horror
An MR James recitation
The 39 Steps

And we've also got:
Carbaret (tonight)
Hound of the Baskervilles (Thursday)

The ninth, comic books
I bought a complete set of Tintin plus we've had our regular updates of Fables, BPRD and others.

The tenth art, video games (or model railways)
The latest spyro, Civ III and Quake 4 are our main offerings in this area. I've not done any railway modelling although one could, I suppose, extend this to all miniatures, giving Games Workshop an art form.

Do roleplaying games count? Certainly Wiki includes it in the debate. So here goes:

The eleventh art, roleplaying games (in play)
So far this year I've played several games of GUMSHOE (Fear Itself, Cthulhu) and one pulp Victoriana - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

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