gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Gormengame or Gamenghast?

A germ of an idea of a Polaris-y variant.

This is a game for four players. Each has a different role during the game which is set at the start. Before play starts you should also decide on the type of setting. This should be some enclosed domain of some sort. You could use the default setting of Gormenghast but you could also use any kind of fishbowl, including a fishbowl.

There can be other characters present in the setting, these are introduced by the other players as needed, but there doesn't have to be anyone else except for these four.

The four roles are:
The Incumbent who is currently in charge of the domain.
The Heir who will inherit the domain on the Incumbent's death
The Master of Rolls who is responsible for the laws of the domain
The Other who is outside the society of the domain in some way

Players can sit round the table in any order but the two who sit opposite each other must be opposed in some way. For example, I-H-M-O opposes the Incumbent and the Master of Rolls, the Heir and the Other. The nature of this opposition is key to the relationship between these characters and should be decided at the start of the game.

Finally, before play starts, players should agree on some general tone for the game. Is the setting a decaying castle like Gormenghast, a sterile spacestation, an expanding company?

The game is played in rounds. At the beginning of each round the Master of Rolls gives, from his book of ancient law, the duties to be performed that day by either or both of the Heir and Incumbent, and any non-player characters. Play proceeds from that point to explore the issues raised by this duty for each of the player characters.

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