gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Wilkommen etc

We saw Cabaret last night at the Lyric, a rather darker production than the film, certainly in the second half as the gaiety and decadence fades away - Tomorrow Belongs to Me was never more sinister.

Honor Blackman (Avengers) was Frau Schneider, Kim Medcalf (Eastenders) was Sally and James Dreyfus (Gimme Gimme Gimme) the MC. All three were admirable, Medcalf can certainly sing and Dreyfus did a very restrained camp turn.

Possibly the best thing this year running the 39 Steps very close although both are quite different.

I forgot to mention that during the interval in Gormenghast, the monkey, Satan, appeared at the back of the stage and lampooned the latecomers. It was waving so chilledchimp waved back at which the monkey waved in return. She was so surprised that she had to do it again, and the monkey was indeed waving at her. Clever monkey.

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