gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

MC Squared

My 9 year old half-sister has written a poem about the evil of graphs. I don't have the poem yet otherwise I'd put it up here but I thought I'd send one back to her.

I haven't written any poetry in 15 years so it's pretty beat up, and the concepts are probably too advanced but hey, I'm a mathematician not a poet.

So here it is:

Lurking spotty and ferocious, the graph, that monster, whose meaning quite escapes us
How can we even try to understand a creature that's just so underhand?
But wait, there's hope, we'll learn the mysteries of intercept and slope
Let's go back (or regress), to when the points were still a mess
And trace a line that best describes that original untidiness
With confidence then, we can say, how much chaos the line explains away
And so through maths and science, through theory and appliance
It's clear that in the end, the fiendish graph becomes your friend

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