gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

A couple of creation myths.

A few of us did this kind of thing together quite some time ago. We wrote the myths of the otter people, a neolithic tribe whose totem was the otter. But these ones were written at simonjrogers behest for some other reason. They aren't entirely original being rewrites of other creation myths.

In the beginning was Zoma. He didn't know how he got there, he didn't even know where he was. When Zoma was hungry he ate, when he was cold he shivered, when he was lonely he created a friend, another just like him. Well, not just like him, but near enough. Zoma wasn't that good at making friends.

And anyway Zoma was pretty much blind. But it was enough to know there were friends about and they bumped into each other from time to time. After a while, the friends started not to look too much like Zoma. Each little change had lead to another little change and, like in the whispering game, after some time, Amoz came a long. And Amoz didn't look anything like Zoma.

Where Zoma was small, Amoz was tall - walked everywhere and stomped on whatever got in his way. Where Zoma was blind, Amoz could see everything, and where he couldn't see, he guessed. Sometimes he was right and sometimes he was wrong, but he always said he was right.

Zoma didn't really want for much - he just carried on as before, making friends, each a little different from himself. But Amoz made demands on everything around him. He took from the sky, from the land and from the sea. Amoz changed things so they suited him. He made places only he could go. Not that Zoma cared, he just carried on as before, making friends, each a little different from himself.

Now Amoz was your grandfather, dear child, and he does whatever he likes, but with all this guessing and stomping and changing things, one day Amoz might find that he's changed everywhere so much that, just like the way Zoma became Amoz, little bit by little bit, like the whispering game, that things are so different that we won't be able to live here any more.

And when you, and I, and Amoz are gone, only Zoma will be left, just carrying on as before, making friends, each a little different from himself.

So we made some pie. I said it was pretty damn good pie, and you said it was too. And so we had a bit of a fight and I got half the pie, and you got the other half. But it was too hot to eat so we just left it there to cool. And you went over to my half and said to all the filling "Come over to my side, it's nicer" and I didn't think much of that so went over to your side and did the same. And so we've still got pretty much half a pie each but it's more messed up than before.

And when it cools down, there's gonna be some good eatin'.

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