gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Bad Tea Day

It's not been easy. At lunchtime I spilt half my tea on a park bench in Clapham, not for the hell of it either, or to see if the paint was water-soluble. So we went back to Simon's office and made some more tea, but the milk was off.

When I got home tonight I made some tea, and the milk was off too. Am I cursed or something? Are witches trailing me? Did I forget to baptise my firstborn? I know I forgot to have a firstborn, but that hardly makes me curse fodder.

We don't have anymore milk, except for some powdered that expired in Nov 2002, making it slightly older than most of the children I know. So I used that and have some close approximation of tea.

In better news, simonjrogers and I have knocked into shape the structure of our Trail of Cthulhu adventure and written a couple of thousand words each. So maybe it was the Theron Marks Society.

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