gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

The cost of trains

Whilst the price of my season ticket aims skywards at 5%+ per year, there is another cost associated with taking the train to work. When I first started work here, near Charing Cross station, it took 17 minutes to get to work by train. Now it takes 31 minutes. The increase is about 82% which is slightly less than the increase in my fares. I suppose the train company might argue that I'm paying extra because I'm spending more time on the train. I'm not sure I see it like that.

I work flexi time so if I lose 14 minutes each morning (not counting the evening loss because I'm generously equating that as my time) I have to work an extra 14 minutes. I do about 220 days a year which amounts to 3080 extra minutes, or just over 7 working days. If I charge a conservative £30 per hour, that's around £1,500 a year, on top of my ticket cost of around £900.

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