gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

and the games people play

Yesterday we went east to Westcombe park where Tony and Sandra kept all and sundry in good cheer with excellent food and drink.

We played many games, several of which I'd not tried before:
- Elfland, a hippy game of travelling elves and quite light.
- Munchkin Cthulhu, we played two games using the correct rules the second time around. Even this was enjoyable though very silly. Possibly not good enough for much play value but a nice palate cleaner between rounds of Game of Thrones or Civilization.
- Medici, a decent enough bidding game which chomper99 always wins. He didn't bid on the first round and by random chance drew the best hand.
- Hugo, that ghost one whose proper name I forget another short fun game.
- Citadels, I got the thief in the first round and was maliciously assassinated and never recovered. But still a good game that kept us interested to the last when Sandra pulled off a coup to win.

In all, a very pleasant way to spend a rainy bank holiday.

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