gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Diana, Pan and the purple ray

treadwells took several of us on a soggy tramp round Bayswater on Saturday afternoon. We were following in the mystical footsteps of Dion Fortune who lived at 3QT (Queensborough Terrace) which became the centre for the Fraternity of the Inner Light, a Golden Dawn offshoot.

treadwells really knows her stuff and enlivened the walk by reading pieces from Fortune's esoteric and didactic novels. Others were also called upon to help, chilledchimp read from a convocation of the Goddess in Kennsington Gardens. This was done in front of the statue of Victoria before Princess Diana's old house and overlooking the round pond, a propicious place no doubt.

We also had the good luck to be invited into St Matthew's church by the vicar who showed us the Burne-Jones windows and related stories of famous people who had visited his church. Before finishing the walk at the Champion pub in Notting Hill Gate (not a bad boozer), there was a final reading about the male principle as embodied by Pan, the wind whipping up as the horny goat's name was mentioned.

And the Purple Ray? That's the ray of Christ. For all their talk of paganism and magic, the Golden Dawn its decendants were almost all Christian mystics. Something which present day students of the art seem to be moving away from. From what I gather Fortune says that Christianity is the proper religion in which to base one's study of the Art, for reasons of culture, location and monotheism. It's interesting to hear of religion being chosen quite so analytically, in an almost agnostic way.

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