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Mortal Coil again

We're having great fun with this game of Mortal Coil. We've not got a GM as such, people just fill in as needed and we've got several different threads of the game going on at once round the table. In fact, so much is going on that it's hard to keep track of everything. This is what I think happened this week.

Sharp, a rather dumb beserker was asked by Painter to fetch her some red clay for drawing from the river. Sharp met a Cromagnon there, killed her and took her child back with him to the camp. Scout saw the child, forced a hare spirit into it and returned it to the Cromagnons.

Beech, the cromagnon with a spirit was forced to undergo an ordeal by the tribe to prove his claim over Long Spear's son, New Spear. This was retrieving a bone from the Cave Bear's lair. Whilst New Spear hung around outside, Beech made a deal with Cave Bear to help him against the traps that Painter might set for him. Cave Bear scarred New Spear half to death, he fainted and when he woke it was night time. Having lost he was banished from the tribe to the neanderthals. On his way there, he saw a spirit (they are visible by moonlight), this was Shadow with No Name. Shadow did something to New Spear that made him able to speak with those with spirits and made him attractive to women.

Beech and the cromagnon shaman had a set to. Because the moon is shining, Beech is spirit is apparent, and what's worse he has the girl with him who looks like a hare. The tribe's dogs are confused. Beech persuaded the shaman that he was a worthy leader whilst the shaman persuaded the tribe that he was not. The two of them were close to being chased away but Beech managed to get the tribe behind him. However whilst they recognise him as leader, they don't like him and play dirty tricks on him. Beech used his lying skills to persuade the shaman, saying that New Spear had agreed that he should be leader. Beech is the first person with a spirit to be able to lie. We decided that this meant he changed the spirit into a lying spirit, in effect a demon. Whenever he lies he will make the demon stronger. Beech, a nine year old boy, is responsible for creating demons.

Sharp creeps into the camp and steals back the girl. He has killed her mother so she is now his charge. He hopes to present her to Painter so they can be a family.

In the meantime, Painter tries to persuade Dancer to have a baby for her. Even though they are good friends, Dancer would do anything else for Painter, she can't do this. Then New Spear turns up and the women are smitten. They suggest that he prove his worth to the tribe by wrestling with Sharp. The prospect of the two of them wrestling is quite exciting. However, Sharp takes it too literally and almost wrenches off New Spear's arm. The women tend to his wounds.

Cave Bear is now on the move and Painter must prepare for his arrival, not knowing that Beech has promised to help him.


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May. 16th, 2007 03:20 pm (UTC)
Sounds like Mortal Coil is helping you guys create a great story. We just tried the game out for the first time last Friday, and I was really impressed by the collaborative setting generation, the focus on Passions and how they shift during play, and the system of continuing setting definition through adding Magic facts.

On the other hand, we found the conflict resolution to be too involved and a bit confusing. We'll definitely play again, but I'll probably overlay the rest of the game onto my homebrew conflict resolution that uses Tarot cards in an analogous way to MC Action tokens.

Oh yeah, one of the ideas I threw out for a potential setting was a band of Cro-Magnon moving into Europe, but we ended up with a Chinese themed magic in the modern day setting.
May. 16th, 2007 04:10 pm (UTC)
I think that the theme generation at the start and collaborative character generation very much throws everyone into good story. This can be a bit of a shock to players more used to micromanaging their character, and conflicts.

Some of us have had problems with the resolution system and some of us use it to do sneaky things, like giving on the main conflict but stacking everything on some secondary issue. As such, I don't think we're getting any surprises on the general outcome but we are getting more story generated from the secondary outcome. So the tribe caved in to Beech's demands to be leader but stacked everything in being bloshy about it.

But yeah, the conflict resolution could probably be simpler and we'd still get interesting outcomes.

This is the fourth time I've played MC and it's been gaming goodness all the way.
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