gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Outpost GB Steve - It's a rough place

I escaped from Outpost Gbsteve!

I killed Jeregenest the cleaning droid, Wickedthought the nutrivend drinks machine, Kit Hartford the red-shirted ensign, Muskrat John the Dalek, Queenortart the maintenance droid, Thefon the tribble and Montecook the tribble.

I salvaged a H.P.-LOVECRAFT-20 plasma rifle, the Log of the USS Bobmungovan, a Formerpirateian artefact, a forteanlithium crystal, Jimboboz's commbadge, a BALBIN forcefield generator, John Marron's commbadge, Viscount S's commbadge, a Philosophy screwdriver, a CTHULH forcefield generator, an ursulavlithium crystal, Autopope's commbadge and 76 galacticredits.

Score: 481

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