gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Good days, and bad.

Last night spencerpine came round and ran Darker, the English variant of The Shab Al Hiri Roach, for lucyas, jadeent, chilledchimp, Ben and I. Ben was on a whistlestop visit from France so we gamed him, stuffed him full of Indian food and sent him back at some ungodly hour on Saturday morning (8am).

The game was a hoot and rather full of the sillier kinds of things that happen in Roach games, such as eating little girls whole or burning down the proles. We all laughed a lot.

Then today Paula and I wandered about town spending my birthday money on books (including a couple of Robert Nyes and a 1929 edition of Ambrose Bierce's horror stories for £12 the three). We saw a load of naked cyclists on Piccadilly, some anti-car protest and later on went to the Old Vic. The play was Gaslight, Kenneth Cranham and Rosamund Pike were both excellent as were the other few cast members.

I've just been checking my email and found that my Mum had been trying to ring us while we were out. Her husband died yesterday after an illness. I wasn't close to him but obviously it's a shock to Mum so I'll be in France for part of next week for the funeral.

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